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Our Inspiring Journey

Simplifresh's origins trace back to the late 1970s when it first took root as a local Fresh Produce distribution business in the heart of London. In 2004, a transformative phase began, propelling Simplifresh to expand its footprint and emerge as a leading wholesale supplier of premium fresh fruits and vegetables across the expanse of Europe by 2010. Our growth was not just measured in geography but in the satisfaction of our customers and the burgeoning demand for top-tier produce.

As our reputation flourished, we became a sought-after ally for leading Fresh Produce Brands, collaborating to optimize their supply chain operations. The success of these partnerships fueled the swift expansion of our network, connecting producers and distributors on a global scale. Adapting to rising expectations, we not only bolstered profitability for producers but also served as a catalyst for distributors to discover their optimal markets. Over the years, we've mastered the art of connecting producers and distributors globally, with a focal point on Latin and Central America, the UK, and Britain.

Today, Simplifresh proudly stands shoulder to shoulder with premier shipping and Fresh Produce logistics partners, boasting one of the industry's largest directories of producers and distributors. Renowned Fresh Produce brands consistently seek us out for supply chain solutions, and we are steadfast in our commitment to helping them produce and deliver Faster and Fresher.

Our Expert Team

Behind Simplifresh's success is a dedicated team of experts specializing in procurement, quality control, distribution management, and Fresh Produce company incorporation in the UK. Guided by dynamic leadership that encourages innovation in supply chain management, our team's extensive experience in the Fresh Produce Industry and the UK and European food markets empowers us to craft bespoke solutions.

Our Mission and Goals

At the heart of Simplifresh is a clear mission - Extend Freshness, Increase Profit Margins, Promote Food Safety, Maximize Shelf Life, and Ensure Consistent Business Opportunities. We are committed to providing the best for everyone in the Fresh Produce industry, offering producers a gateway to the most lucrative markets in the UK and Europe.

Our vision extends beyond financial gains. We strive to empower small-scale fresh produce farmers to invest in improving crop quality, sustainable farming practices, and building their brand. Simplifresh aims for substantial improvements in profit margins from the outset, creating an environment where producers can establish their UK-based companies to streamline their product supply.

Continuing to bridge the gap across the Atlantic, Simplifresh endeavors to provide the best markets for producers and the best Fresh Produce for distributors. We champion global food safety standards, facilitating smooth trade between regions and continents.

With aspirations to go global, Simplifresh is poised to expand beyond Europe in this decade. Our vision is to facilitate fresh produce businesses for small-scale farmers worldwide, transcending borders and cultural barriers. Whether in America, Asia, or Africa, if producing high-quality fresh produce is their business, Simplifresh stands ready to extend its helping hand. We guide them in compliance with global food safety standards and finding profitable avenues, envisioning the establishment of their companies in the UK.

Our Values

- Mutual Growth: We grow together with our clients.
- Empowering Producers: Helping producers unlock the full potential of their product.
- Complete Control: Guaranteeing complete control of your fresh produce business.
- Independence: Providing maximum independence to producers as they build their brand.
- Global Food Safety: Supporting global food safety standards. We only associate with those committed to compliance with established standards.

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